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Pink (singer)

Pink's undisclosed health issue and the need for medical privacy

David Oliver

Pink recently announced she's pausing her tour due to an undisclosed health issue – once again starting a conversation about how much we owe people regarding private medical conditions.

The Grammy-winning pop star announced Tuesday that her show scheduled show in Bern, Switzerland, is canceled due to doctor's orders.

"I am so sorry that I have had to cancel my show in Bern this Wednesday," she wrote in an Instagram caption. "I do everything I can to ensure I can perform for you every night, but after consultation with my doctor and exploring all options available, I’ve been advised that I'm unable to continue with the show tomorrow.

"I was looking forward to being with you and making memories with you and sharing our show with you and am so disappointed that we have to cancel," she added. "Sending love and health to you all, and I really hope to see you again soon." Most people flooded the comments on her Instagram post sending healing vibes – but speculation lurked anyway: "I said when I was there on Friday that I thought you were unwell," one Instagram commenter wrote. Another asked her what happened.

The reality is that no one – famous or otherwise – is immune to health issues, and everyone deserves privacy when they withhold details. Serious stories often lurk behind silence.

"Public figures need privacy to cope, heal, and develop a strategy to move forward just like everyone else," Amy Morin, psychotherapist, author of "13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do" and the host of a podcast, previously told USA TODAY. "Working through issues privately can give them space to manage their emotions and strategize how to move forward without the distraction of outside opinions."

Pink recently announced she's pausing her tour due to an undisclosed health issue – once again starting a conversation about how much we owe people regarding private medical conditions.

Boundaries are crucial

Not saying something is often as indicative as a lengthy statement full of details. If someone wanted you to know something, they'd tell you. Even celebrities.

"Boundaries are essential to lead a healthy life," Laura Petiford, a licensed marriage and family therapist, previously told USA TODAY. "Healthy people respect the boundaries that others establish for themselves."

It's easy to ignore others' boundaries, however, in current times. "In the age of social media, the general public has become trained to share not only their most private moments, but to also expect others to do the same," psychologist Reneé Carr also previously told USA TODAY.

Why celebrities deserve privacy like anyone else

The public often insists they deserve to know all the ins and outs of celebrities' lives. But do they really?

"If we put ourselves in their shoes, we would want to be able to have a private life especially when dealing with sensitive or difficult issues," Petiford adds. "Yes, they have chosen to lead a life that is more in the public eye but they have not forfeited their human need to draw a distinct line between themselves and those who are interested in them."

You'd want the same privacy for yourself during life's cruelest moments, wouldn't you?

"We need privacy to not only cope with the situation, but to also try to makes sense of what has happened or is happening to us and try to figure out how to move on," Carr adds.

Moreover, no one going through a difficult time wants to hear every opinion about their situation, whether you're a celebrity or not.

"Comments from other people can be upsetting and distracting," Morin says. "During a crisis, it's important to devote your energy to things that matter most. You only have so much time and energy and the last thing you want to do is waste it on combating outside forces that could affect your decision-making."

Contributing: KiMi Robinson

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